Mouse's Journal

The girl who looked my way.

27 September 1979

Candybar me!I'm not really good with introduction, so I'll guess I'll try my best. I'm fluffy little strawberry-blondish mouse that trolls the web, reads a lot of manga, reads comics, and watches anime. Occassionaly, I post on a few forums and play the French MMO Dofus I think I do something productive towards society; I just can't figure out what it is yet.

The image was made using Candybar Doll Maker. I clipped off the copyright because the original artist of the images is a Korean site, and the person that designed the doll maker program is someone else entirely. She uses the Korean images for her own site and to the best of my knowledge does not design the images. Hence, I don't feel comfortable crediting her with the images, but do with the doll maker program. Me thinks it looks a little too much like me ^_~